Our 2013/2014 Season continues with

DEATHTRAP by Ira Levin
April 5 - May 3
Directed by Bernie Cardell

After a series of failures, Broadway playwright Sidney Bruhl is getting desperate. When Clifford Anderson, a former student, arrives with what could be a Broadway hit, a deadly plan begins to form. With his wife's help, Clifford's sure-fire hit just might become Sidney's. From the author of Rosemary's Baby, The Boys From Brazil and Veronica's Room, Deathtrap is full laughter and thrills!

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August 30 - September 27, 2014
by Aaron Sorkin
Spotlight Theatre's 50th Production!
Directed by Bernie Cardell
From the author of The West Wing and The Social Network, this Broadway hit about the trial of two marines sizzles on stage. The Navy lawyer assigned to the case expects a plea bargain and a cover up of what really happened. But when new evidence is discovered, not only are the two marines fighting for their lives, the entire Marine code of honor is put on trial.

November 22 - December 20, 2014
a regional premiere Christmas comedy!
by Jesse Jones, Nicholas Hope and Jamie Wooten
Directed by Luke Allen Terry
It's Christmas-time in the small town of Fayro, Texas, and the Futrelle Sisters are not exactly in a festive mood. A cranky Frankie is weeks overdue with her second set of twins. Twink is in jail for inadvertently burning down half the town. And hot-flash-suffering Honey Raye is desperately trying to keep the Tabernacle of the Lamb's Christmas Program from spiraling into chaos! The Futrelle sister's hilarious holiday journey is guaranteed to bring joy to your world!

February 13 - 15, 2015
a Valentine's Day treat!
by A. R. Gurney
Directed by Charlier Wingerter
Andrew Makepeace Ladd III and Melissa Gardner, both born to wealth and position, are childhood friends whose lifelong correspondence begins with birthday party thank-you notes and summer camp postcards. Romantically attached, they continue to exchange letters through the years. Love Letters makes it eloquently clear event though two people may be physically apart, they can still be spiritually as close as only true lovers can.

February 21 - March 21, 2015
the perfect girls night out!
by Matthew Barber
Directed by Rachel Bouchard
Downton Abbey fans unite! When two frustrated London housewives decide to rent a villa in Italy for a holiday away from their bleak marriages, they recruit two very different English women to share the cost and the experience. There, among the wisteria blossoms and Mediterranean sunshine, all four bloom again—rediscovering themselves in ways that they-and we-could never have expected. Enchanted April is a hilarious and moving romantic comedy perfect for a cold winter's night!

May 16 - June 13, 2015
an edge of your seat thriller
by Patrick Hamilton
Directed by Bernie Cardell
Obsessed with committing the perfect crime, two young men decide to murder a fellow classmate. After placing his body in an antique chest, they host a cocktail party to celebrate getting away with murder and serve dinner from atop the chest! But when one of the men gets too self-assured, will he give their plan away? The play version of Rope was the inspiration of the Hitchcock film of the same name.

June 27 - July 25, 2015
non-stop hilarity!
by Larry Shue
Directed by Katie Mangett
The scene is a fishing lodge in rural Georgia often visited by "Froggy" LeSeuer who has brought along a friend, a pathologically shy man named Charlie who is overcome with fear at the thought of making conversation with strangers. So "Froggy," before departing, tells all assembled that Charlie is from an exotic foreign country and speaks no English. Once alone the fun really begins, as Charlie overhears more than he should, but understands perfectly the trouble he may be in!

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